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A real drama erupted on the stage, which was by no means a game. The audience, surrounded by the exquisite interior of the theater, sat in their seats, waiting for the performance to continue. But suddenly, an aroma began to spread to the hall, which made the hearts of the audience freeze. It was the smell of the Hannibal perfume that the mysterious stranger had brought with him.

The perfume was named after Hannibal Lecter, the ruthless killer from the famous series. But despite its name, the fragrance was extremely refined and charming, just like Lecter himself. Each of its ingredients was carefully selected to create a pyramid of aromas that evoked extraordinary sensations.

Iris, Violet and Powder created a first level of fragrance that was delicate and refined, like the costume in which Hannibal appeared before his victims. However, this layer hid mystery and mystery.

Dark Chocolate and Cedar, which made up the second tier of the scent, were stronger and more masculine, like the murders Lecter was committing. They evoked fear and desire at the same time.

The third level of fragrance consisted of Ambretta and Amber and Vanilla. It was deep and complex, evoking memories of Hannibal's past crimes. But at the same time, it was the most charming fragrance of the fragrance, which immediately captured the attention.

Patchouli and Vetiver completed the fragrance pyramid, adding a touch of sweetness and brightness. It was the final touch in a scent that both fascinated and frightened.

The audience, not knowing how the play would end, began to feel that they themselves had become Hannibal's victims. The aroma filled the hall and enveloped every spectator. He caused such strong emotions that none of the audience could forget him. The exquisite aroma of Hannibal permeated every corner of the hall, creating the illusion that Lecter himself was nearby.

But suddenly the hall began to fall silent. All the spectators froze in their seats, as if their breath had been taken away. A strange change took place in the scene. Hannibal Lecter himself appeared on the stage in his elaborate outfit.

He stood on the stage looking at the audience with arrogance and pride. His face was cold and impassive, like the face of a stone statue.

He then picked up a bottle of fragrance and sprayed it on stage. The aroma filled the hall, as if it hit the hearts of the audience.

Hannibal began to utter his famous phrase: "I haven't eaten regular food in a long time." His voice was as cold and cruel as the winter wind.

The audience froze, realizing that they had fallen into Hannibal Lecter's trap. Hannibal's exquisite scent began to play with their emotions, making them feel a mixture of fear and admiration.

But suddenly the hall began to fill with fog. The audience stopped seeing each other, and it seemed that they were inside the aroma pyramid.

The fog began to clear, and the audience saw that there was no sign of Hannibal left on the stage. He disappeared, leaving behind only his perfume trail.

The hall was filled with applause, but none of the spectators could understand what had happened. They felt that they were on the edge between life and death, that Hannibal Lecter was with them forever.

Thus ended the performance, which became a real pyramid of aroma. Audiences knew they would stick with this scent forever, just as they would never forget Hannibal Lecter.


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  • Iris, Violet, Powder, Dark Chocolate, Cedar, Patchouli, Vetiver, Ambretta, Amber, Bergamot, Vanilla

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