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Somewhere back in 2012, a young and ambitious guy bought a lot of essential oils. They are what makes perfume, he thought. However, he was only partially right. Therefore, after several months of trying to create a divine perfume and after the failure of these attempts, he realized that he could not become a perfumer. Fortunately, he was wrong.

Image by Hanna Balan
Image by Fulvio Ciccolo


After several years, it was decided to try my luck again, but now I understood that perfumes are not made only from essential oils. I bought my first 50 components and was already trying to make something even remotely similar to a real perfume. It is difficult to calculate how many liters of alcohol and the number of components were mercilessly poured out.

The experiments took about half a year, and at the end of the summer of 2015, my first commercial fragrance, Teen Skin, was released


Previously, I was often asked to talk about my fragrances: the history of the fragrance, what it is about, etc. However, I believe that it is like asking a writer what his work is about. Just read it. The content of the book will be different for everyone. I place the meaning of my works in the name of the fragrance and its sound. So the Virgin fragrance, for example, is about innocence, tenderness, light delicacies, creamy notes, purity. But you would hear all this yourself if you just inhaled it. Why tell a person what a fragrance is about, if can decide what it is about.

In general, it can be said that the main concept of my works revolves around the topic of sexuality, in its various manifestations. For me personally, if the fragrance is not sexy, then I don't want it. 

The incentive for creating my own brand and the production of perfumes in general for me was an insult. Resentment for the fact that there were no Ukrainian perfume brands in the country at that time (thankfully, now they have started to appear and some of them are very good). This was the reason why I wanted so much to prove that we can do no worse than Chanel, Dior, etc.

This is how the Ukrainian niche perfumery was born.

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